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Case Study: Network Coverage Overhauls Outdated Technology in Enterprise-Level Construction Company

Case Study: Network Coverage Overhauls Outdated Technology in Enterprise-Level Construction Company

An enterprise-level construction company’s outdated technology and IT personnel challenges were costing them time, money, efficiency, and clients. Network Coverage helped to overhaul and reinvigorate the existing technology infrastructure while reducing operational costs, improving IT staff capabilities, & creating a more robust and reliable data center.

Situation: Outdated Technology

An enterprise-level construction company in the Southeast United States was using severely outdated technology. Not only were internal systems challenged by lack of data and connectivity, but they also experienced a loss of client buy-in of their internal application software. They began to recognize an urgent need to modernize their technology and IT infrastructure. The company hired a consultant in construction IT to resolve their technology challenges. However, the consulting company quickly realized that the scope of the project exceeded its capabilities. They contracted with Network Coverage to help provide the services. Network Coverage performed a three-month analysis of the company’s technology situation, visiting over two dozen offices and large job sites, and interviewing over 100 people. Network Coverage defined the essential areas for improvement:

1. Connectivity. With multiple offices and job sites, keeping all systems and locations integrated was extremely difficult. Systems weren’t talking to each other which sacrificed data and led to operations being unnecessarily duplicated while increasing risk of error.

2. Technology. The enterprise was running on ancient, outdated technology and systems. This meant the company was working at a diminished capacity and efficiency. They also had high operational costs.

3. Personnel. The large company was having trouble implementing and maintaining technology within its teams, with many personnel being resistant to change. Users had little
faith in IT and the company’s internal IT team.

4. Client Application. A client application performed so poorly that customers would purchase a different platform because they did not trust the old application.

5. Data Center. The data systems used in the company had served them well in their early stages of growth, but they’d long outgrown the system’s capabilities in volume and complexity, leading to gaps in data, double-entry, and diminished reporting.

Approach: Overhaul Technology, Reinvigorate Personnel, & Restore Faith

Over one year, Network Coverage designed and implemented a plan that would help revitalize this enterprise-level company. NetCov focused on high-performing, modern solutions that could support current and future growth, restore faith in IT and effectiveness, maximize business intelligence, and streamline operations for all arms of the corporation

1. Connect Systems. It was important to improve connectivity between different arms of the business including different office locations, large job sites, and other parts of the

2. Technology. The technology systems were outdated and did not support the company well. A small team from Network Coverage performed a series of technology purchases and implementations for a more modern infrastructure.

3. Personnel. Network Coverage implemented an IT team improvement plan that included strategic hires and replacements, intensive training, and job shadowing.

4. Data. Network Coverage has a unique strength in improving technology to support business management. Network Coverage cleaned up the historical data and helped implement a new modern, high-functioning data center.

Results: Modern Technology, Improved Staff, & Restored Company Trust Within 1 Year

The company was so pleased with the work Network Coverage performed for them that they decided to establish Network Coverage as their sole IT provider as well as their managed services provider (MSP).

1. Network Coverage took the company from an MPLS network to SD-WAN, leveraging hardware and driving down operational expenses while significantly improving connectivity and performance.

2. Network Coverage helped to re-instill clients’ faith in the customer-facing platform by improving the offering, increasing network security, and re-training end users. As a result, the company recovered many of the internal clients who had migrated away from the system and regained confidence in their company.

3. Employee’s faith in their IT and IT team skyrocketed, with over a thousand users now comfortable and confident not only with their user-end technology but also with the management and performance of the IT team.

4. The new data center provides high-level data much faster and more efficiently than the previous system, eliminating the challenges the company’s data resources were experiencing previously.

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