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Case Study: Network Coverage Provides Construction Management IT Services

Case Study: Network Coverage Provides Construction Management IT Services

Network Coverage has been the IT managed services provider for a fast-growing construction management company for over 23 years. To this day, the construction management company has grown into a $1B+/year company in 3 separate geographic regions. Even with the increasing complexity of their IT landscape, the company has experienced 100% of IT uptime and continues to rely on Network Coverage for all of their IT needs.

Situation: Construction Management Company Seeks Outsourced IT Services Solution

Network Coverage first started working with the fast-growing construction management company 23 years ago when the company was generating on average $75M in revenue per year and were providing construction management services in a single geographical location.

After much consideration, the construction management company had determined they did not want to support an in-house IT team. Hiring and training the right people as well as overseeing a full team that could manage their IT needs would be too costly and time-consuming for their goals. Recognizing their diverse and growing IT needs, the company decided instead to seek an outsourced managed IT services solution that would be capable of scaling with them through their growth

The company first reached out to Network Coverage for some basic IT needs based on the referral of one of their business partners. After Network Coverage provided a handful of expert recommendations for their IT landscape, the construction management company decided to hire Network Coverage to manage the entirety of their IT needs.

Solution: Network Coverage Becomes the Company’s Full-Service IT Firm

Network Coverage was hired to provide full-service IT management to the company, supporting not only day-to-day IT needs such as equipment procurement, IT support, and software selection and implementation, but also overseeing the management of the company’s servers, data backup, network security, and more.

Services provided by Network Coverage:

  • Procuring IT equipment including desktop computers and servers
  • Coordinating software vendor selection
  • Software implementation and training
  • Wiring and other on-site IT setup and maintenance
  • Day-to-day remote IT support and troubleshooting
  • Server maintenance and management
  • Risk management and security
  • Data backup and disaster recovery

As the full-service IT manager for this fast-growing company, Network Coverage knows their main task is to ensure all aspects of the company’s IT continually run as smoothly as possible so the construction management company can focus on what they do best.

Results: 23 Years of 100% Uptime

During 23 years with Network Coverage managing their IT systems, the construction management company has experienced 100% uptime with the biggest technology hiccup being a single day of email outage.

With over 23 years of working together, the construction management company depends on Network Coverage to maintain everything technology-related for their 500+ employees and 3 geographic regions.

In comparison, the construction management company’s most prominent competitor has an in-house staff of 16 IT professionals—a significantly higher labor cost than similar outsourced IT management services through Network Coverage.

Between excellent and responsive customer service, proactive maintenance, and 24/7 network monitoring, the construction management company has not regretted their choice to outsource their IT services to Network Coverage.

23 years later, the company now serves 3 different geographical locations, has over 500 employees, and has scaled to well over one billion dollars in annual revenue. The company still uses Network Coverage to manage all of their IT services and says they plan to continue using Network Coverage for their IT services indefinitely.

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