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As the first wave of lockdowns and quarantines sprung up all over the world, millions of people switched off their office computers and transitioned into remote work. This transition has had wide consequences for IT personnel, but the biggest and most worrisome of them is...

Enterprise Firewalls: A Guide To Placement In Business Networks Firewalls are an essential component of any business network. They act as a filter between the network and any external traffic, serving as the first line of defense against outside threats.  Enterprise firewall configuration, however, is a bit...

Data loss is one of the biggest risks small- to medium-sized businesses face in their longevity and survival. With 93% of businesses experiencing major data losses going out of business within 5 years and 1 in 2 SMBs facing a cyberattack costing on average $149,000,...

Cybersecurity Threats for SMBs in 2019 An increasingly digital world has made it easier than ever to support small and mid-sized businesses. However, this technological convenience comes with a price. Cybersecurity threats not only put small to mid-sized businesses at risk of having information stolen or...

With the sensitive data stored and communicated at law firms, it’s no wonder they’re often the target of cybersecurity threats. In the 2017 ABA Legal Technology Survey, it was released that 22% of law firms were hacked or experienced data breaches in 2017. This number was...

Having a good understanding of the ways attacks on firewalls that are not adequately secured will help stop your business from becoming a victim of malicious activity. Your network firewall is very similar to the front line of an army; it is the first part of your defense system that the hackers will encounter and attack initially. Any oversight on your part regarding your network security firewall and maintenance of your firewall will gives an opportunity to attack and gain access your business network.